A Guide to Arranging Your Guitar Pedals

If you are a guitarist, you probably might own a stomp box or effects pedal. Whether itâ??s a Boss Pedal Series or the expensive boutique pedals, it doesnâ??t matter. All that Iâ??m sure of is we want to know whatâ??s the proper way to arrange these series of effects pedal.

Arranging your effects pedal is essential to your guitar playing. Arrange them well enough and these pedals could be your transparent ally. The arrangement of pedals depends on the tone you want to produce so , basically, it always depends on your preference. However, this guide that I will give you is based on my own preference, my own arrangement when I lay out my guitar effects. Before I learned all of these, I also did a little research on how famous artists set-up their pedals and I learned that they usually follow a standard procedure but all of them has similar set ups. As I said earlier, the arrangement depends on the tone you wanted to produce or the effect you wanted  to create.

First, letâ??s group the effects pedals. The group that should go first is the filters and other envelope effects. These effects needs pure and unadulterated tone in able for them to function properly; or to create a high quality result. But for me, I put them first because they just happen to sound good when placed first. Next is to place your Wah pedal after the filters and before your pre â?? amp effects. The best thing to place next is your Compressor/Limiter, that is if youâ??re using one. This is a very useful pedal, limiting strong signals and boosting weak ones. After the compressor/limiter is where you put your pre-amp effects or your distortion units and then your modulation effects such as delay and reverb and lastly, the volume pedal.

Try using these series and I guarantee you great results.

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